041924 200 What's on Mike's Mind

041924 230 Julie's Sport Desk

 LET'S GET EXCITED ABOUT PLAYOFFS SPORTS FUN, D-F-DOUBLE EWE! Will the Stars and Mavs make it incredible?? Then we find out what day it is!

041924 300 Jeff's Bucket of Crap

Will the new Game of Thrones book ever come out?? Taylor Swift has made 12 albums since the last one!! Stephen Jones said something very interesting today! More animals may have feelings than we thought!  

041924 400 The Best Damn Sports Segment Period

Chuck Cooperstein joins us to preview the Mavs playoffs!!! 

041924 430 Mr Dallas

 Let’s talk heat islands, D-F-Double Ewe! Why are some areas of Dallas way hotter than others? A North Texas man is suing Cinemark!  

041924 500 Julie's Audio Boxes

 It’s Friday, so that means Julie’s Audio Boxes takes over FUNDRIVE!!!!!

041924 530 Sunset Lounge

We do our home run picks! NASA put out a sweetly inspirational tweet! Julie unearthed dating tips for couples from the 1950’s! Then we do the Two Minute Drill! 

041824 200 What's on Mike's Mind

When will tipping stop?? Rhynes has some baseball notes for you! 

041824 230 Julie's Sport Desk

Jack Leiter made his MLB debut today and it was…okay, we guess? Caitlyn Clark has caused WNBA ticket prices to rise! Who is the highest paid athlete in DFW? The answer might surprise you! The Dallas Stars are Western Conference champions!! Netflix announced a new documentary series about the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders! Then we find out what day it is! 

041824 300 Jeff's Bucket of Crap

Antonio Brown got blocked on Twitter by Caitlyn Clark, and the reason is hilariously inappropriate! Why did all the old Greek statues have small weenies? It is Snake SZN in Texas, everybody!!!