120123 200 What's on Mike's Mind

120123 230 Julie's Sport Desk

The Cowboys won the game last night! We have some Mavs and Stars updates! Then we find out what day it is!

120123 300 Jeff’s Bucket of Cowboy Crap

Jeff has SO MANY Cowboys thoughts!! Let’s dive into them here!

120123 330 Hollywood Swinging

The Golden Bachelor finale aired last night! Did he pick a new lover? Beyone has a new song out

120123 400 The Best Damn Sports Segment Period

Jeff has EVEN MORE Cowboys thoughts!!

120123 430 Wireless Mike Rhyner

It’s Friday at 4:30, which can only mean one thing…Wireless Mike Rhyner time!!

120123 500 Julie's Auido Box

And if it’s Friday at 5:00, that means it’s time for Julie’s Audio Boxes!!

120123 530 Sunset Lounge


113023 200 What's on Mike's Mind

We play a quick game of “there he is” with our engineering friend Mike Hudman! Rhynes has a story about an airline passenger opening an exit door and hanging out on the wing!

113023 230 Julie's Sport Desk

Jeff doesn’t know his neighbors! The Cowboys play tonight! A couple Cowboys were named offensive players of the month! Tiger Woods plays golf today! Aaron Rodgers is cleared to practice! The NBA In-Season Tournament Quarter Finals bracket is set! Then we find out what day it is!