Club Dingu Tracks - LIV Golf Bought the PGA

Club Dingu Tracks - Basket Case Acoustic Country Version

The clean recording of Danny's country acoustic cover of Basket Case by Green Day!

060723 300 Opening Seggy

Danny got a haircut!! RIP Iron Shiek.

060723 330 Trinity River Navy

Messi has a new sports team. And the admiral of the Trinity River Navy brings us news about the Manson family!

060723 400 Dingu's Dartboard

A news story reminds Danny of a certain incident involving the legendary Latarian Milton!

060723 430 3 Things You NEED To Know In DFW Today

Get yourself ready for the summer heat wave, crazy DFW Airport travel, and tarantula season!

060723 500 FUNDRIVE

Take a step inside Studio Ding as Danny brings us his country cover of Green Day’s Basket Case and a song about the PGA/LIV merger!

060723 530 Sports News of the Day

How odd is the timing of the PGA/LIV merger announcement? Rory McIlroy is pissed! What a crazy story this is!

060723 600 Mr Dallas

How does Mr. Dallas go about finding out the things he knows about Dallas? Mr. Dallas turns his attention to Arlington today and discusses the status of Jacob deGrom and what his path back to pitching could look like.

060723 630 Sunset Lounge

Nolan Ryan is the Freak of baseball! And in the Sunset Lounge, we bask again in the glory of Danny’s Green Day cover!