Bride Upset After a Guest Shows Up with 10 Tupperware Containers

A Pennsylvania woman posted a story about her wedding on a Facebook group called "That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming."

She recently got married, and she says she let one of her dad's friends bring his daughter and daughter's husband to the small wedding. But she got upset when she found out that the woman she barely knew brought 10 tupperware containers.

And the woman filled seven of them with food from the buffet dinner, three of them with dessert, AND grabbed a few beers and some floral centerpieces on the way out.

The woman was NOT struggling financially (despite giving the couple a $5 bill as a gift), she just wanted leftovers.

Some people ARE defending her, and saying the food would've just gone to waste if she didn't take it... but most people are horrified.

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