ALEX JONES Heckles Marco Rubio

Rubio clearly doesnt want to  talk to or acknowledge Alex Jones....and it just goes badly.

how would you have handled this if you were Rubio?

Alex Jones is known for  bizarre antics –he had a very strange run in with Florida Senator Marco Rubio outside of a Capitol Hill social media hearing.

As Rubio spoke with reporters, the founder and host of Infowars began heckling Rubio…calling him a "little frat boy." At first, Rubio tried to laugh off his interruptions, but things escalated when Jones patted him on the back.

The Florida Senator gave Jones a stern warning not to touch him again. Taking it a step further, Jones claimed Rubio would try to get him arrested. The senator rolled his eyes and said Jones would not be arrested because he “can take care of it himself.”

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