WAS CAPT HANDSEY copping a feel off of Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande sang at Aretha Franklin's funeral on Friday, but some people criticized her for wearing a skirt that was way too short for the occasion.   The bishop who introduced her also took some heat for joking that Ariana's name sounded like something you'd order from Taco Bell.  

He  came under fire for seemingly touching Ariana's BREAST as he put his arm around her.  He denies intentionally doing anything inappropriate . . . but he did apologize if his hand inadvertently "crossed the border."

Of course he's getting heat .....it does look like he cops a side boob feel, then he's making Mexican jokes about her name which in todays climate could totally blow up  in his face.  Then in the APOLOGY below, he is talking about "sorry if i crossed the border" .  DOH!!!!!   Prob stupidly harmless, but still just poor taste at a funeral.  Not to mention with all the sex allegations going on with the church lately, seems like all clergy/religious leaders would be extra careful.


and heres the apology

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