This obsession with celebrities running for office has officially jumped the shark . . . if it hasn't already.  There are people in Florida who actually want HULK HOGAN to go after a Senate seat . . . or even run for GOVERNOR.

And he thinks he could do it . . . quote, "If I run, I will win."

Luckily for humanity, he doesn't want to.  At least not for now.  He told TMZ, quote, "Brother, I don't wanna run.  I have a great life here on the beach . . . Right now I'm just hanging out on the beach having a blast."

TMZ tried to press him on the issue, and they got him to the point of saying, quote, "Right now, this moment, it's a flat-out no."  They asked him if his answer could be "maybe" or "yes" down the road, and he said, quote, "It could be."

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