Dallas Cowboys defensive end DAVID IRVING was sidelined . . . with an INJURED NIPPLE.  It isn't a pec injury . . . it's an actual TORN NIPPLE.

David says that he was wearing his NIPPLE RING during training camp, and he somehow "lost" it.  Thankfully, it didn't rip his whole nipple off.  Apparently, it was already loose when it was yanked out . . . but he's still in a lot of pain.

He says, quote, "It hurt so bad I just had to let the world know . . . it must've been loose and yanked the side out.  Thank God it was loose.  I guess [it grosses] some people out.  It's pretty funny to see people's reactions.  I have no shame."

You might be wondering WHY David has a nipple ring.  He says, quote, "The girls love it.  That's why I got it."  He didn't give a reason for why he was wearing it on the field

It's unclear how long it'll take for him to heal, but he won't need to worry about hurrying back.  The league previously suspendedhim for the first four games of the season for failing a drug test.

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