NEVADA'S State of Emergecncy Over LEGAL WEED

Less than two weeks after sales of recreational marijuana kicked  off in Nevada, stores are running out of pot to sell, according  to the state's Department of Taxation. 

  On Friday, Gov. Brian Sandoval endorsed the department's call for  a "statement of emergency," which would allow for more licensed  distributors, the   Reno Gazette-Journal reported. 

  Nearly   50 dispensaries in the state have licenses to sell marijuana  for recreational use. Those sales got underway on July 1. 

  But those same retailers do not legally have the authority to  restock their inventories. 

  Alcohol wholesalers have the exclusive rights to move marijuana  from growers to retailers in Nevada, as part of a temporary court  order that   was extended in June by a Carson City district judge. The  rule aims to "promote  the goal of regulating marijuana similar to alcohol" — and  protect liquor stores from losing business as the demand for  recreational marijuana rises. 

  Nevada is the only state with legal marijuana that has such an  arrangement. 

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