TAYLOR MOMSON Cancelled Her Interview Cuz of CHRIS CORNELL

I was supposed to interview her on Wednesday for the BFD INTERVIEW SERIES, but she was so broken up about CHRIS CORNELLS passing that she cancelled the interview and thats when we got Starset to fill in.

Out of all the Chris Cornell tributes, this one may be the most emotional. On May 20, Taylor Momsen held back tears onstage before The Pretty Reckless launched into a somber cover of Audioslave’s “Like a Stone.”

The Pretty Reckless lived out a dream by opening for Soundgarden on what turned out to be the band’s final shows. Cornell was found dead just hours after their Detroit show, which was The Pretty Reckless’ last scheduled performance with Soundgarde

You can see how emotional she is here....I was wondering if she will sing this at BFD, and if they will again cancel our interview with Pretty Reckless. Its impossible NOT TO ASK her what was happening in the moment that night, and i think she knows that about ANY interviews that would occur now.  I guess she will wait until she feels like she's able to talk about it without breaking down.

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