GUNS N ROSES Beefing up Security after UK ATTACK

I think it should just be a standard NO BACKPACKS rule at all shows from now on. Just leave it home....too much risk.

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Guns N’ Roses have beefed up security for their concert in Ireland this weekend following last night’s terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande show in Manchester that left 22 dead.

According to The Irish Sun, Saturday’s concert at Slane Castle will see more than 400 police and 1,200 security team members patrolling the area. The sold-out concert marks Guns N’ Roses’ first gig there since their first appearance 25 years ago.

“An Garda Siochana [Ireland’s police force] will have over 400 members on duty, including specialist units, who will be supported by an additional 1,200 security/stewards provided by licensed security companies together with a full complement of doctors and medical teams, including an on-site hospital along with five first aid posts,” a police spokesman said. “The Event Control Management Team overseeing this event have over 25 years experience within their fields of expertise. Please co-operate fully with gardai and stewards and follow any loudspeaker announcements as this will help ensure the safety and enjoyment for all concerned.”

Many items — including backpacks, waistpacks and air horns — are now banned from Saturday’s show. Police are encouraging Irish fans heading to the concert to check out a detailed list of prohibited items before heading to the venue.

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