DOCTORS SAY Perfect Shade of LIPSTICK Should Match Your Nipples


You'll see a lot more dudes hanging out at Sephora if women start testing this theory in-store . . .

The show "The Doctors" recently did a segment on how to find the right shade of nude lipstick.

And their big tip was . . . go with a shade that's roughly the same color as your NIPPLES.

I cant wait to  get home and try this.  MMMMMMmmm matching lips and nips!!!

Apparently that's the shade that looks the most natural on a lot of women.  Some women disagree, and some swear by it.

A writer for the website actually came up with the idea about two years ago and wrote an article.

One catch is it works a lot better if you have LIGHT skin.  It doesn't really work if you have darker skin.  And we have no idea how a fake tan might affect things.

Here's a youtuber that actually demonstates to see if it works.

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