What Fast Food Joint has the DIRTIEST Bathroom? Survey Says....


 When you go into the bathroom at a fast food joint, you're not expecting a palace.  And that's good, because you ain't getting one.

A new survey asked people which fast food chains have the CLEANEST and DIRTIEST bathrooms.

And while no chain got more than 65% of people saying their bathrooms are clean, 

these five scored the CLEANEST OR BEST:  Chick-fil-A . . . Culver's . . . Potbelly Sandwich Shop . . . Whataburger . . . and Caribou Coffee. 

And the five chains with the FILTHIEST OR WORST bathrooms are:  

Sonic . . . Popeyes . . . Little Caesars . . . McDonald's . . . and Jack in the Box. 

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