DELTA KICKS Family off Flight for Refusing to Give up Seat


Another video of someone getting kicked off an overbooked flight is going viral.  This time it was Delta.  A couple and their two kids got booted off a flight from Hawaii to California last month, because their toddler was in a seat that wasn't assigned to him.

They originally bought the seat for their 18-year-old son, but he left on an earlier flight. And since the ticket was under a different name, Delta said the kid had to go.

They wanted him to sit on his mom's lap, but the dad kept saying it wasn't safe, and that they PAID for the extra seat.  At one point in the video, he's told that if they have to drag him off the plane he could go to JAIL and lose CUSTODY of his kids.

The whole family eventually got kicked off and had to buy new tickets the next day.

Brian Schear said he and his family were not reimbursed for their trouble, either. "They never contacted us. And honestly, we didn't contact them. This whole thing has made me so angry and ... you know ... with the money that I'm out for the tickets, I couldn't care less about that," he said. Delta said in a statement on Thursday afternoon that they "sorry for the unfortunate experience" the family had, and had since reached out to compensate them. 



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