Scientists Say its GOOD TO Masturbate at WORK

This guy ABOVE would never leave his desk.

Mark Sergeant, psychology lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, told Metro that a 'masturbation break' would be "very effective" at work and a great way to relieve tension and stress.

This was echoed by psychologist and life coach Dr Cliff Arnall: 

For boredom or an escape, a self love break would increase work focus.

He suggested that a masturbation policy might result in "more focus, less aggression, higher productivity and more smiling"

So now masturbation breaks at work are officially endorsed by science. 


1. No FANTASIZING about colleagues as this might result in "cognitive impairment" - 

2. Inability to finalize would lead to more frustration.

The root of this sudden interest in office stimulation appears to be a Time Out New York survey, which reported at the end of 2015 that 39 per cent of male readers admitted to masturbating in the office.

more details here:

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