FATHER DRINKS Daughters BREAST MILK to Fight Cancer

A man has started taking his own daughter’s breast milk to try and help beat cancer.

Fred Whitelaw, 64, was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2015 and it returned last April.

His daughter, Jill Turner, 30, started expressing milk for him after reading research that breast milk could help kill off cancerous cells

             THE MIRACLE OF BREAST MILK IS SO UNDERESTIMATED!!                                                                 

Fred said he was hesitant at first, but has reached the point where he believes he’s got nothing to lose.

Jill the daughter said: "‘I was devastated when I found out about my dad’s diagnosis. I wanted to help him in any way I could and that’s when I started to give him my breast milk. A scientist has found a protein in the milk that can help kill off cancer cells without harming other cells."

There isnt much research right now, but they should be investing in this. (big pharma of course will hate this idea)

‘I know there is a professor in Europe who has been researching the effects but no one has taken her seriously yet. Hopefully she will get the funding she needs to carry it further." Jill said.

 Next trip to the oncologist , they will know for sure.

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